Underwater Products

Sea Weld 3100
MSC Aqua Guard Sea Weld is a product in the MSC Aqua Guard family. Developed for use in the marine environment  to repair voids or to be used as an adhesive on substrates  underwater, Sea Weld is suitable for bridging marine  material transitions, joints and seams. Sea Weld can be applied to most marine surfaces and substrates.

• Large joint and seam filler/Bridges gaps up to 3⁄4” on multiple substrates
• Superior shore hardness/ Prevents filler wear and tear
• Exceptional adhesion underwater/ Bonds and cures to multiple substrates underwater
• Non-­‐-­‐sag/ Creates a better and cleaner application bead
• Environmentally friendly/ Solvent free, isocyanate free and low VOC
• Proprietary modified (STPE) technology/ Provides superior adhesion
• Underwater application/ Bonds and cures in water

Approved Applications
Fill and repair voids in multiple Substrates
Seam adhesive on pile jackets

Approved Solvents
Mineral Spirits
Denatured Alcohol VM&P

Standards Testing Compliance
ASTM D-­‐2240
ASTM D-­‐2370
ASTM E-­‐84

Suitable Substrates
Concrete Masonry
Aluminum Fiberglass Wood
Pressure treated wood Galvanized metals
Note: Due to the wide variety of substrates, preparation methods, application
methods and environments, always test a small area of substrate to validate
desired result.

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