Survey and Inspection
Surveys and inspections are a core service that our company delivers. We conduct these in a wide range of inshore and inland environments from pristine lakes and rivers to sewage treatment stations. Surveys can be carried out in toxic atmospheres. Surveys are followed up with a written report and still or CCTV images (visibility dependent). We will often follow on by carrying out maintenance and repairs.

By doing in-water surveys on structures that would normally require de-watering and scaffolding, your company can save money, downtime and accidental damage to surface coatings.  If a structure can be filled with clean water, a comprehensive survey can be carried out.
Example: In one day a survey of five 12m high pulp vats was completed that would otherwise have required emptying and scaffolding constructed inside.  This saved the client over a week of downtime.

Diver equipped with CCTV and light mounted to a Kirby Morgan 37 stainless steel diving helmet with hardwired voice communications that includes digital voice and visual recording. The camera mounted on the helmet delivers quality steady images of the divers view, that are viewed in real time on the surface. This allows the supervisor to have more control of the survey as it is being undertaken. Engineers may also view the survey and direct the operation to points of interest.

This diver is also wearing a Cygnus Dive ultra-sonic thickness gauge for measuring the thickness of metal components.  It has the ability to measure thickness of a metal through painted surfaces, and disregards the thickness of the paint.