Greenfield Diving Services has diver and surface operated dredging and water jetting equipment that has the ability to remove mud, sand and weed from around intake structures such as pumping stations. This equipment can also be used to unblock and uncover or bury pipelines and cables.

We use hydraulic submersible trash pumps, Venturi dredges and air lifting to remove and relocate sediment.  We are equipped to handle any small to medium scale dredging operations.  Our largest dredge unit is able to move up to 100 cubic meters per hour of sediment with a range of dredge head options available.  The dredging rates are variable depending on the amount of debris in the sediment including rocks, rubbish and organic matter.

We have a range of dredging equipment to suit multiple different projects, including side-scan sonar to collect before and after images.

Our 4 inch submersible trash pump in the video averaged 24 cubic meters per hour while dredging a 1 hectare urban lake.

Pond clean-up process in the photos below.