Civil Engineering & Construction
Greenfield Diving Services prides itself in having the ability and resources to perform the most demanding civil engineering and construction tasks. With over thirty five years in the industry our experience is an advantage in planning and executing the task.

Greenfield Diving Services can fabricate structures or equipment for new projects and upgrades, or refurbish existing equipment or structures. The company has the resources to undertake construction projects from concept to completion.

Underwater structures and their associated components can often be maintained, repaired or refurbished underwater eliminating the need for de-watering and scaffolding. This saves time and money by reducing downtime.

We use a wide range of specialised products that are engineered for use underwater in typical construction applications.

We use specialised underwater versions of regular power tools.
Some examples of these tools are, grinders, skillsaw, rotary hammer drills, rock-breakers, core drills, rotary drills, chainsaws, welders and ultra-thermic cutting equipment.

We have a wide range of certified rigging equipment available.

In the video clip above Greenfield Diving were sub-contracted to install prefabricated equipment.