COMMERCIAL DIVERS for underwater and contaminated environment construction, maintenance, inspection, salvage, survey and dredging.

Greenfield Diving Services (G.D.S) is an established inshore/inland construction diving company that services the North Island of New Zealand and further afield.

Greenfield Diving Services has the experience, knowledge and the resources to carry out complex underwater construction and maintenance tasks.

We have a range of resources and equipment that allows us to regularly carry out dredging, screw anchoring and small scale piling, survey/inspection including Lake Taupo moorings.

G.D.S is a regular service supplier to the central and eastern hydro-generation industry and local government.  We also provide services as a sub-contractor to large construction companies such as Fulton Hogan, Fletcher Construction and also industry and manufacturing including Fonterra and various pulp and paper mills.

Greenfield Diving Services is committed to maintaining high health and safety standards and being compliant to New Zealand and industry standards.

Contact us for any hazardous environment or underwater projects.
We are available 24/7.